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It’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t need any IT services consulting today,whether you are to deploy cloud solutions, go online, or improve your data security, hiring a couple of specialists is unlikely to be enough for delivering all the necessary services on time and budget. The best solution will be to hire a team of experienced experts who will promptly devise what you need, providing solutions that fit your particular business perfectly.

the market is incredibly rich with IT consulting providers—since the beginning of the 2000s, more and more companies each year try to succeed by offering their IT-related services. Still, quantity doesn’t equal quality, so those who are looking for a perfect team to work with should learn to differentiate companies and find the one that is experienced and skillful enough.

If you are the one who’s in need of such a tech partner, don’t worry—we would like to ease this time-consuming challenge for you. After a thorough market analysis, we have identified the best IT services providers based on few criteria.

Specific area of consulting

Specific area consulting Like, Requirement, Design, Digital marketing, Development or infrastructure or Devops consulting

Area Skills Year of experience Cost
Digital Marketing SEO, Paid marketing, and others 5+ years Dedicate cost monthly $1200
Requirement Gathering BRD,FRD, Scope Freeze, Wireframe 8+ Years Dedicated cost monthly until requirement get freeze $1800 to $2300
Development (Mobile) Ios, Android, Flutter,React native 8 to 10 Years Experience  Dedicated mode monthly $2500 to $3500
Development (Web) React.JS, Node.JS, Angular, Vue.JS , Laravel 8 to 10 Years Experience  Dedicated mode monthly $2500 to $3500
QA(Manual and Automation QTP, Selinium, create Test Case, Prepare Bug list 8 to 10 Years Experience Dedicated cost monthly until requirement get freeze $1800 to $2300
DevOps (Sys Admin) Create Server Infrastructure, AWS, Azure, Cloud Hosting 8 to 10 Years Experience Dedicated mode monthly $2500 to $3500

Note:- Above Consulting service would be avail for minimum 6 month to 1 Years, costing would be vary upon services which you planning to go with, for more information connect sales@

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Just as an football field and a swimming pool are as different as night and day, you simply draw up as many ideas for your website and approach us. From basic web designing for an existing idea to an E-commerce -centric business website, we design and provide you with every little thing seen on web page – text, graphics, videos, and animations.


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