Make your Testing Easy Manageable
KautilyaX helps quickly arrange testing processes, enhance software quality, and reduce development costs.

The system manages the testing process’s key elements and associated tasks. It has a clean interface, smart education technique and supports collaboration between your team members.

All that brings transparency and allows you to evaluate project progress and assess possible risks.KautilyaX

Arrange your Testing Processes and Improve Development

KautilyaX is a quick and easy solution to arrange your testing process


KautilyaX will help you organize your project effectively, starting from creating and managing your test cases to setting priorities, releases, and any types of tags for your test.


Using KautilyaX, you can assign your tasks and test cases to your team members and work in collaboration. It allows you to see the results of each step of your test run, store and track the history of all test runs by versions, releases, dates, or employees.


With KautilyaX, you can get the current status of your project with one click. Or you can track the progress of all test cases, tasks, and test runs. It helps check your current priorities, main tasks, and blockers. Besides, you can see all the recent activities of the whole team.


KautilyaX allows creating your custom dashboard with the necessary metrics and charts and sharing your boards and reports with team members, managers, or clients.
Adjust your Testing and Get More Results

A key factor in implementing a quality system is creating the right environment in which to produce quality software


There are three steps to start effective test management: plan a test, write a test case, and run a test. Start managing your testing promptly.


A step-by-step plan, which we provide, makes a start of effective test management as easy as possible. Get the system that helps build processes.


Our system significantly influences the development and helps reduce risks to increase the efficiency of processes. Advance the quality of your development.

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