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About KautilyaX
KautilyaX is a one-stop spot for fulfilling all your web-based development needs. Be it designing, developing and even hosting your website. To developing mobile apps specifically customized around your product or even your website. Websites or mobile apps seem incomplete without any vivid graphics and rich multimedia content showcasing your products or services. We specialize in weaving magic into multimedia content!
KautilyaX provides an umbrella of ‘options to choose from’ through Custom Web Application Development solutions. Each of these choices is designed for delivering a business advantage to your corporate identity!
Industry Verticals

At KautilyaX, there exists no business or industry for which, we have no customized solutions for! WE take pride in our abilities and our expertise in the field of website and mobile application development! Over the years, we have paved the way for various industries such as:


The Real Estate Industry is huge and provides home realities, definite land postings and open house data for homes available to be purchased or lease or sell.


The supply chain is a critical component of any economy. You can achieve convenience and efficiency by using logistics management apps that help in your job.


Mobile applications are being used in each and every industry but the entertainment industry is taking lot of advantage of this technology the most.


Food & Restaurant industry is highly in demand and focused solution that offers lot feature-rich and powerful mobile apps, with Web-based development


Now that many of us no longer balance a checkbook, tracking and expenses and keeping up with the bank balance can get a little difficult.


Retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries due to the entry of several new players and this industry reached in peak level.
Our Services

Our experts in website development services implement cutting edge methodologies for highly customized & personalized web applications for transcending all your business challenges.

Web Development

Today, everything is designed to function around the World Wide Web. Simply, a very flashy web design is not the key to unlocking potential customers or increased productivity. You need a robust, and a completely integrated suite of web functions to take your business to the next level.

App Development

Today, services and products need to be accessible from mobile devices more than ever before. Making an app for a mobile device requires experience in knowing what people want in an app for your product or service. We pride ourselves being experts in knowing exactly What to do, and How to do it to make your app a success amongst the users.

Ui/Ux Design

Art, in all its forms, is the only engaging medium, which makes customers around the world understand you got what they want. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” … Only, what a video can do for you…!!! We can remember far more what we experience compared to what we simply read. Ever watched a movie made off from a popular book? Any website is not just incomplete but rather invisible if you miss out on integrating graphics and multimedia into it.

Digital Marketing

Winning a track race is a lot easier than competing with millions web pages. People know, it’s all out there. Yet, reaching out to them or they locating your website is an uphill task. Notably, search engines are a difficult lot to please for gaining a position in their top list. That’s the sweet spot for a web site to be in. And, it should be in.

Content Creation

What goes on your website speaks volumes about. Just the way, you would go about having a conversation with your clients. It is your content that is going to draw clients to your website, and thus ultimately you. You might be wondering why. What your website needs is, good enough content that gives enough relevant information to those searching and reading about you. What it doesn’t need is, tens of pages which speak nothing about what your prospective client is looking for.

Start Growing Your Business With KautilyaX

At KautilyaX, designing and programming your website, just to host it with the fastest turn-around time is not the goal. We endeavour in providing you with various options best suited for the nature of your site, and the kind of business activities dependent on it.

Our Impeccable, Software Project Management Stages
Our Process

Beginning with Idea Discovery, we approach every project with a structured design for development and progress, until Reaching the Final Stage of Handing over to You!

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