A Cost-Effective and Revolutionary Engagement Model for Businesses

Building a full-cycle Dedicated team to empower your business with the best result with less effort.

We offer you a well-structured and well-balanced, experienced, and scalable dedicated & enthusiastic Team for your desire Mobile & Web Development experts to handle and manage your delivery with the best possible solutions.


Climbing Swiftness

Today, Android can be termed as the largest platform powering Smartphones the world over! The Google Play store is overflowing with millions of applications. Our team creates applications, which are not only eye-catching but effortlessly breeze through the stringent requirements of the Store. We ensure our creative design and seamless development facilitates a user in releasing app on the app store easily. We ensure our applications are best-suited to be run on different screen sizes running all the available versions of the magical Android OS!

A Great Deal of Flexibility

Computer games are so popular nowadays they have overtaken music and movies when it comes to selling in the market. Who doesn’t love those games which make you the hero in your own virtual world? Our Team has experience and expertise to develop AR & VR Games, it is not that easy to just develop a game. It requires huge knowledge of programming languages, algorithms and many sleepless nights of coding in order to successfully develop a game.

Cross-border Proficiency

Certainly, the mobile user base is extreme huge. Unfortunately, it is fragmented across various mobile OS platforms that restrict easy access to it with a single native app code base. Of course, cross-platform technology is the savior here but who has the expertise to simulate a native look & feel?

Critical Onshore Resourcing & Management Layers

This was our objective when we walked into the space of iPhone application development. We are fanboys of the Apple brand and believe that the apps that go into iTunes must also carry the same design principles, user-centricity and the useful philosophy that Apple has made a rage. When you come to us for custom iPhone app development, you will not be getting just-another-app. It will be one that your users would fall in love with.


  • Unrestricted flexibility – hire resources either for short-term or long-term as per your needs.
  • Secured development area with restricted Access control system.
  • Highly experienced Sr. Project managers & Technical Leas who actively manage your dedicated resources and delivery.
  • Build brilliant business strategies with the help of our experts and Business Analyst.
  • Gain full control of the team and straight the business workflow with high level visibility of development progress.

You can forget about the expensive Inhouse staffing process.

The cost of hiring a dedicated team is time consuming and lengthy Process, as you don’t have to worry about unpredictable and recurring expenses on selecting, inspection and accumulating IT Resource in a team – we do that for you and deploy resource for you.

You benefit from speedy and easy ramp-up.

The team’s that you planning to setup takes slight much more time as our skilled experts already have a common understanding from effectively working together on similar engagements and can emphasis on quickly integrating into your development method, Our team members also have a accommodating and supporting mindset and a friendly attitude that help integrate with external teams easily & Efficiently.

You don’t have to change your processes to remote association by yourself.

We are flexible enough to adapt your existing communication model and help to make harmony all the needed tools, technology and environment for your team to continues collaborate with our team without additional efforts.

You keep full technical & Operational ownership of the project and get access to Inception Technolabs expertise.

We share our organization best practices and permit on all the project objects and knowledge collected in the project to your in-house team. To ensure Both parties are satisfied each other needs to set expectation during development Mode.

Your team can control the results without spending time on daily management follow-up.

We provide a dedicated project manager who controls the day-to-day progression and workflows and reports to your inhouse project manager or product owner as often as needed to ensure process transparency and arrangement with your goals. In such a way, you have more time to focus on the core parts of the project and deliverable.

Responsibility as kautilyax

Resource planning, development of team formation
Requirement Analysis as per your Goal and Objective
Staff motivation and personal development plan
HR & best practise delivery processes for RACI Model
Development of relevant technical training programs
Staff replacement and knowledge transfer
Provision of standard office and IT infrastructure

Your control and Authority as a Client

End-to-end product ownership, including backlog management
Overall product roadmap, priorities & strategy, SDLC
Acceptance criteria & acceptance process ownership
Support for governance framework — feedback and review
End-to-end quality & delivery ownership

We Protect Sensitive Information

We always execute and Prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before start engaging in a new partnership, and we believe it is mandatory to initiate our relationship.

We Safeguard Your Intellectual Property

Once we mutual agreed to proceed Our contract, by default, contains sections of the Intellectual Property rights assignment for the result of our Technical experts. We don’t share your IP with third parties as NDA Agreement.